Mozilla Bans 197 Malicious Firefox Add-Ons Amidst Crackdown

Mozilla Banned Firefox Add-Ons Reportedly, Mozilla has recently banned a large number of Firefox browser extensions for malicious activity. The tech giant has banned 197 different add-ons in the previous weeks, which were found running malicious code. Among these, around 129 extensions belonged to 2Ring, which Mozilla removed for executing remote code. This is something in contrast to Mozilla’s policy which does not allow downloading dynamic codes from remote servers. For the same reason, Mozilla also banned six extensions belonging to Tamo Junto Caixa, and three other ‘fake premium products’. Similarly, they also banned thirty other add-ons for exhibiting malicious behavior on third-party websites. Other banned extensions include five add-ons for collecting search terms and intercepting searches, and separate batches of two, nine, and three add-ons for using obfuscated codes. Other reasons that triggered a ban on various add-ons include the illegal collection of users’ data. These add-ons include an un-named extension, WeatherPool and Your Social, Pdfviewer – tools, RoliTrade and Rolimons Plus. The firm also banned FromDocToPDF for “loading remote content into new tab page”, and Fake Youtube Downloader for installing malware.
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