Network Automation with Ansible

Duration: 25 Hrs 


This Course is designed to help network engineers and network administrators who are starting to build and use network automation to make your jobs easier. This course will mainly focus on how to use Ansible automation platform to configure and manage Cisco devices.
This Course will help you learn the Python data types first and will give you start with the modules in Ansible. Once your basics are clear you can use any module and create your own scripts. We have tried to cover even smallest things in this course. Once you will be done with this course you will be master of Network Automation and will be able to automate all the networks. No need to have experience with any programming language or know anything about Ansible. We will explain all the Ansible concepts so that we can get you executing playbooks and automating your network.

Course Objective

In this course, you will learn to

  • Python data types and its methods
  • Ansible Overview
  • Ansible Architecture
  • Creating an Inventory File
  • Writing your First Playbook
  • Group Variables and Host variables
  • Passing in Interactive User Input
  • YAML Overview
  • Understanding check mode and verbose mode
  • Templating with Jinja2
  • Executing show commands
  • Executing config modules
  • Performing Real-time Compliance Checks
  • Understanding Roles
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Ansible Tower overview

Audience Profile

  • Network Engineers who wants to learn the Automation.
  • Anyone interested in learning Ansible for networking.


  • No need of any background in programming or software development knowledge, but the student should have some experience in the managing network devices such as switches and routers.
Batch Start Date : 1st November Time : 9 AM To 10 AM (IST) 9 PM To 10 PM (IST)
Original Price $350 Pay now * Flexible EMI options available
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