IT Infrastructure solutions

We assess all components in your IT infrastructure to determine the current
state of IT.
We provide brief summary of current state of IT Infrastructure, what can be
improved without any additional hardware and licenses purchase. IT Infrastructure
roadmap schematic based on the inputs collected, how to reduce Total Cost
Ownership (TCO) and Operational Cost (OpEx) with clearly laydown approach for
next 18 / 36 / 54 months period.
We provide solution in Implementation and Maintenance of all components
of IT Infrastructure Technologies in the following platforms Amazon Web Services
(AWS) Cloud / Microsoft Azure Cloud, VMware Virtualization, Microsoft Hyper-V
Virtualization, RedHat / Open Source Linux, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft
Exchange and additional services in the area of Continue Integration, Continuous
Delivery (CI/CD).
✓ Provide engineering support in enhancing organization IT
infrastructure capabilities.
✓ Analyze and assess the current environment and provide
recommendation in enhancing IT environment.
✓ Plan, Design and Implement the IT Solutions.
✓ Provide detail documentation on the assessment and
implementation of the solution.
✓ Provide support in security solutions in implementing best
standards in the IT/IS.
✓ Provide support in designing and implementing datacenter
solutions with DR capabilities.