Intel Server Management

Intel Server Management(ISM): Provides the Skill necessary to effectively Install, Configure and Manage HP/Dell/IBM Servers.

Learners will receive hands-on, production environment oriented, scenario based training on Installing, Configuring, Managing and Administrating HP/Dell/IBM Servers in any Production environment.

At the end of the Training, Learners will be able to:

  •  Understand Intel Server Architecture.
  •  Understand the Types and Server Models of HP/Dell/IBM Servers.
  •  Understand Hardware Remote Management.
  •  Understand Architecture of Remote Management Hardware.
  •  Know the Remote Management Hardware of HP/Dell/IBM Servers.
  •  Configure Remote Management Hardware BIOS.
  •  Manage Servers using Remote Management Hardware.
  •  Understand the Raid Controllers of HP/Dell/IBM Servers.
  •  Configure and Manage Raid Levels in Raid Controller.
  •  Industry standard Server OS Installation in the Server.
Original Price $125 Pay now * Flexible EMI options available
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