Ethical Hacking (Short Term Module)

Duration: 10 Hrs


Through this course you will learn the core concepts of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing. This course will give you a strong understanding and hands-on knowledge on Hacking Phases. You will also gain the foundation skills and good hands-on experience on Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

Introduction to Information Security

  • Information Security Overview
  • Hacking and Ethical Concepts
  • Hacking Phases
  • Information Security Controls
  • Penetration Testing Overview


  • Footprinting Concepts
  • Footprinting through Search Engines
  • Footprinting through Web Services
  • Footprinting through Social Networking Sites

Scanning Networks

  • Understanding TCP Flags
  • Network Scanning Concepts
  • Scanning Techniques
  • Scanning Devices


  • Enumeration Concepts
  • Enumeration Methods and Tools

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Vulnerability Assessment Concepts
  • Vulnerability Assessment Solutions
  • Vulnerability Scoring Systems

System Hacking

  • System Hacking Concepts
  • Gaining Access
  • Covering Tracks
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